Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce

Getting started with Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce

What is the Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce?

Zettle by PayPal (formerly iZettle) is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge commerce tools — offering everything you need to take quick payments, ease day-to-day management, and get the funding to grow.

The Zettle point-of-sale system allows you to take cash, card, contactless payments and more. Connect WooCommerce with Zettle to keep products and inventory in sync – all in one place. Keep your products up-to-date by managing them solely in WooCommerce, so you can focus on selling. Make a sale on either platform and your inventory will update instantly.
The Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce provides the following benefits:

  • Connect in minutes – Connect your accounts, sync your library to Zettle and start selling.
  • Export a collection or all of your products from WooCommerce to your Zettle product library.
  • Manage products in one place and automatically synchronize all changes you make from WooCommerce to Zettle.
  • Automatically synchronize stock amounts in real-time between WooCommerce and Zettle.
  • Explicitly select products to be excluded from synchronize to Zettle.

Requirements for using the Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce?

To install and use the Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce you will need:

  • An installed version of WordPress >= 5.4
  • An installed and activated version of WooCommerce >= 4.3
  • PHP version >= 7.2

Installing Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce

Automatic Installation

This is the easiest way to install the Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce.

  1. Log into your WordPress installation.
  2. Go to the menu item Plugins → Add new
  3. Search for Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce. In case several plugins are listed, check if Inpsyde is the plugin author.
  4. Click on Install now and wait until WordPress says the plugin was installed successfully
  5. You can activate the plugin immediately with clicking on Activate now on the success page. If you want to activate it later, you can do so via Plugins → Installed Plugins

Manual Installation

In case the automatic installation doesn’t work, download the plugin from here.
Unpack the archive and load the folder via FTP into the directory `wp-content\plugins` of your WordPress installation.
Go to Plugins →  Installed plugins and click Activate on Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce.

Access and configure the Zettle POS integration for WooCommerce

  • After you have activated the Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce plugin, go to WooCommerce  → Settings.
  • Select the Zettle POS Integration tab.

  • If you don’t have a Zettle merchant account yet, choose Create account now and follow the steps to create a new Zettle account.

  • On the Zettle POS Integration tab choose Connect – this will open a page in Zettle asking you to confirm permissions for the plugin to access your Zettle account data.
  • Confirm the permissions request by clicking on Create API key.
  • Copy the generated API Key and return to the Zettle POS Integration tab in WooCommerce.

  • Paste the copied API key into the API key input field and click Next.
  • Click on Authenticate with Zettle.

  • Click Next.

  • Choose an option and click on Start sync.

  • Once the initial synchronization is complete click on Complete Setup.