PayPal Zettle POS for WooCommerce

What are the requirements for WooCommerce products to be synchronized with PayPal Zettle?

Requirements for all product types

  • Product status is “published”
  • Catalog visibility is not “hidden”
  • Visibility is “public”
  • Product is not explicitly excluded from being synchronized to PayPal Zettle (Product Editor → Product Options → PayPal Zettle POS: checkbox “Exclude from Sync?“ not checked)

Requirements for “Simple” product type

  • Has a price set

Requirements for “Variable” product type

  • Product needs to have at least 1 variation that is purchasable (e.g. the variation needs to have a price set)
  • Product has no more than three variation attributes set
  • For synchronization incl. price the tax setting must be the same for all variants