PayPal Zettle POS for WooCommerce

Which product prices will be synchronized?

There may be different currency and tax settings in PayPal Zettle and in WooCommerce.
In PayPal Zettle, all product prices are including tax. In WooCommerce, it depends on the configuration.
For this reason, you can only synchronize prices when the currency and country settings are the same on both ends.

During the initial setup, the Zettle plugin will check if the currency and country settings are matching.
You can synchronize product prices only when the settings match. The current selling price of the product will be synced including tax settings.

The tax percentage can only be synchronized if the setting between PayPal Zettle and WooCommerce matches, otherwise you will see an error message in the log.

Also, variable WooCommerce products with different tax rates in the variants options can’t be synchronized because of limitations on PayPal Zettle products.